Diesel Volume 1: Don't Let the SQUIKEE Voice Fool Ya

by Squikee

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First Verse: Jump on the track just like I, I got the knack of tiger I came to spit that shit to let you niggas know I'm fire I mean it gets no higher, I mean it gets no flyer So tight on the mic, you swear I was walking on some wires So no you can't deny her, you better feel me I need another drink, so umm, can you bill me I'm never getting jack'd so you best try to jill me And when we're on tracks, you know that we're killing Yeah, it's all basics, niggas see me spit And they gotta get a face lift Had a bad bitch but I'm her replacement I'm 300 proof so I'm gonna get ya wasted Ain't gotta like the style I come with I can make you think or I can come with some dumb shit Either way it goes, you gonna feel me in ya stomach So sick I make you shit at the same time you vomit Come on! Bridge: I don't need no hook for this I just came to get it in I just spit that shit that's so ridiculous That when I give it to the public Muthafuckas love it [x2] Second Verse: I'm a bad chic, a savage, rawness is a habit Muthafuckas don't know how to take me I'm a maverick, I'm random Who is hot, I'm the answer My niggaz is examples and this is the anthem A Cancer, so sick this chic spits epidemics Never timid with the lyrics, miss me with ya gimmicks Pointing fingers, I'm the shit, my smell lingers H.U.N.G.E.R.'s a monster; ain't no getting between us The meanest on the track, they be feenin' fa our raps But if you can't see me, all it means is ya whack It's a fact that I pack a flow so wicked Say hello to this dough and goodnight to these bitches
Squikee's first verse: I'm a grown ass woman, Boi You don't want no problems, boi I drop some of this knowledge, have you running back to college, boy Don't play me like a simp, boy Raising up my temp, boy I'll Wayne Brady go crazy, don't give me no lip, boy I'm representing the Sip, boy You don't know how we get, boy Still I be in Tennessee, it's where I pay my rent, boy Got much love for the South, boy But I move around, boy CLE to the Cali beach, I'm gonna hold it down, boy See chics like me is had to find You know stay on beat, coming hard in rhymes In these streets cause I'm on my grind Gotta raise the bar until they left behind, ha I done lost my mind, that's okay, it just gloss my shine Frauds get sent to the back of the line Getting all salty like iodine I'm kind with mine, you know nice on mics Flow stay cold like ice on ice Style so sweet call it Mike and Ike's I'm tight just like Levi's on whites Show me respect, boy, I'm coming fa ya neck, boy Squik Diesel, I'm so lethal, you ain't never gonna get next boy Squikee's second verse: I spit that dro, that dope, that coke, l'go They say I'm cold, I say I know Every time I spit a flow, I'm shooting out these icicles Go, go, I got that go boi Go, go, you want some mo' boy I keep it sick these sentences diminishes any impotence Going hard with these bars on these broads and these frauds I'm making 'em irrelevant Go, go, that's how it go boy Go, go, I'm bout to blow boy
Intro: Yeah, I guess sometimes you got to be reminded of exactly what you got, ok... Chorus: It started off good, now it's kind of bad I guess you forgot, exactly what you had But yo that's cool, cause I'mma let you know Stay on that bull and I'mma let you go Hook: I promise I'll be down for ya I promise I'll be round for ya If you start to clown, I'mma have to bounce, homey I'mma have to bounce, homey, I promise Verse 1: Moment's been depleted, a void of what I'm needing I never saw this coming so I'm feeling rather speechless Wonder if there's creeping, maybe so; maybe not Change in my treatment, let it go or call it out But I ain't thinking straight, so I deliberate It's hard, my God, can't risk what I got at stake But I deserve to be observed as superb You should be hanging on every action; hanging on every word You should thank the heavens, ha, you found such a girl Cause she can't be replicated by anything in this world, na na I ain't pompous, don't be on that dumbness But you gotta show me that you really really want this Cause everything you do, I'm using as a compass You ain't feeling me, then I'm gone quick, I promise Cause everything you do, I'm using as a compass You ain't feeling me, I'm gone quick, I promise [HOOK x2] Verse 2: I'm a challenge, yes, and I deserve the best So if you can't provide that, then why we talking My time is precious and the fact that I'm special You know, this vessel, ain't dealing with yo mess boy To the left boy cause you're less than What I'm checking for so I'm on to the next one See your words and actions can't be unclear I listen to what I see and look at what I hear And what you been telling me is you ain't really on What you said off jump, I need a refund Boo you ain't the one but I'm cool with that We live and we learn, just keep it moving But if I do that, don't be asking who that Is all on my hips and lips, it ain't you, man So if I do that, don't be asking who that Is all on my hips and lips, it ain't you, man [HOOK x2] [Chorus] I Promise
VERSE ONE (Squikee): Pardon how I start this, listen...ain't bout much dissing But these kittens, man, they think they gettin it, They must be kidding When I'm spittin, it be like I'm glistening....I mean I shine Every rhyme's like a shrine to my intricate design Hard to find, I know I am...fem fatale One of a kind, They be like DAMN, I like ya style And I thank em, my attitude ain't never gonna be stankin' Even if you see me on the TV with a stack of Franklins See these foes....yea, they don't know, They think they major SO when I'm chillin' in the cut I'm doing y'all a favor Don't wanna show you up....cause you'll be sitting down Don't think I flow enough but still I wear the crown Ay now, respect is given when respect is earned Respect me as a human; I'll respect you in return You don't know what you doing, seel and you will learn If ya ego's steady looming, I'mma hit ya with the squirm FIRM HOOK (Squikee) Ay, y'all...these dudes ain't seeing us, nall They think they spittin' that raw When I hear em, all I do is pause....and play em off [x2] VERSE THREE (Ahmad and Squikee) [Ahmad's lyrics] Squikee: I'm waiting for a dude to try me, Man, I ain't lying Man, I might look aight but trust me I get grimey Can't deny me, can't deny us, ya ain't no rival We the stars on these bars and you ain't got no title [Ahmad's lyrics] Squikee: Your eyes are full of envy, imagine what your soul's like Cold, trife, you loathe life; bet you want our roles, right? Here you go, SIKE, don't need no mo bites In our styles while we rocking on these show mics [Ahmad's lyrics]
HOOK: Oh my, that girl really got me gone Oh my, I gotta take her to my home Oh my, and then Imma make her moan Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my SQUIKEE: So you like the way I’m looking these These hips must got you stuck on me So fresh, so clean, you met yo’ Queen As soon as you said what’s up to me Huh, see publicly, I gotta be a lady But in these sheets, my inner fr3@k Gonna drive you so so crazy Don’t know if you can handle this I’ll get you higher than cannabis I’m an animal and I’m flammable Gonna get you so hot you rambling Like oh, oh, oh, my….you’re so, so, so fly Wanna get with me, you best believe You done hit hit a gold mine But yeah, I like you too From your fresh white tee to your polo boots Got my eye on you; now my thigh on you Like gone big boy, what you gonna do Huh, what we gone do Boy, don’t be playing Me and you sounds beautiful I’m just saying I got plans so if you got them hands Gonna give you one good glance To get you in a stance, Man That’s why dudes hawking me D@mn near got them stalking me Let’s quit all this talking see This is where you outta be [HOOK] (YUNGUN’S VERSE) SQUIKEE: Hold up now, boy Don’t know now, boy You acting real bold, need to slow yo roll Before I roll out, boy See I bring joy and you feen more When it comes to this Ain’t dumb to this, Betta come correct And show respect if you wanting this See I dismiss them rude boys Thinking they too cool boys May look kind of innocent But don’t play me for a fool, boy If that’s you, boy, I won’t let you stroll by Got me screaming, oh my Keep me screaming, oh my
Steezi4Shezi 03:04
Intro: How he do, huh? (X3) Verse: Hear that trunk knock, When he bout to bust blocks Tint black, wheels stacked, cause you know he stunt hard Got the whole squad when we bout to roll out F**ked up in the truck, damn man them pipes loud We some night owls, cruising thru the streets Ballin like a beast, when you rolling with the Steez Dressing to the T, snacking on a feast Nothing but the best when he’s next to his Queen Squikee, they call me Steezi’s baby He’s laughing at these lames cause can’t no nigga take me I’m laughing at these dames cause they thought they could replace me Nan, nan, na nan nan; nall b!tch you crazy! I’m Swayze so no, I ain’t worried about no hoes He’s mine, yes he’s mine, each and every where he goes He’s fine so you’re trying and it’s just so pitiful Got them hags on his back but I ain’t mad at him, though Hook: Best believe it, they does call him Steezi4Sheezi Cause you don’t really know how he do Best believe it, they does call him Steezi4Sheezi I’m just trying to tell you bout my boo [X2] Verse: How he do, he the truth And you can come up in his hood to see the proof He that cool, Just ask his dudes Everybody in his crew is some fools Watch him fly by even when he ride bikes Ill thrills on one wheel cause he’s gonna defy heights Living the good life, sipping on the Bud Light Lime every time cause he’s trying to get his mind right And he’s my type, he treats me with respect He can’t get enough but ain’t never about sex Proclaiming his love so I keeps him on deck I’m done with you scrubs cause my match I done met He’s the best so I’m never ever leaving He’s working these jobs so he’s hardly ever sleeping And though it’s so hard, he makes it look so easy Fulfilling to please me, my Steezi4Sheezi Hook
Dro 'n Drank 04:07
Intro: This for my drinkers, uh, and my smokers [x2] Hook: Dro 'n Drank [x2] I get you on a level that them other niggas can't Dro 'n Drank [x2] I get you so right that you be throwing up my name [x2] Verse One: Ay, as soon as I get on the stage Have you feeling the same way as when you blowing on that haze They, be looking doped and so amazed Cause every word I say is like you puffed another jay Hey, nall they don't call me Mary Jane But I be doing the same thang so these niggaz quick to claim I'm all up in ya brain, no, I'm all up in ya system Lyrics so potent it's like you smoked them when I spit 'em Realy, really, I'm illy illy It's like you rolling when I'm flowing but can't pill me But I know you feel me and trust I'm going to fill you Up with the stuff strong enough to come and kill you But I'm gonna heal you, my verbal so herbal And when it's in the air, yo it's purple, it's purple Now, if you ain't feeling right Let me turn up my mic, I know I get you high, with my [HOOK] Bridge: I got a blunt of my flow, come and smoke me (Smoke me) I got a bottle of my style, you can drink me (Drink me) [x2] Verse Two: So drink me up, think it up, you can't get up My liquor's in your liver but you still wanting mo' cups As soon as I deliver, you're feeling a sicker buzz And ya guts starting to bub but please no don't throw me up Lay back let this track interact with your B.A.C. You can throw me back, it don't matter where you be at Aye, Sip on my compact disc it's that new cognac A swig of my music will have these niggas feeling slizzard See, I know you wanting a feeling better than chronic So the tracks that I be on proof be on at least 300 Wasn't thinking that a woman could come and be this bumping But I made it my gumption to destroy all your assumptions Na, na I'm on my grizzy to quickly make you feel dizzy Lil chic from Mississippi keep leaving you tipsy pissy Is you with me, cause I need your confirmation Getting SQUIKEE wasted from this ear intoxication [HOOK]
Hook: Don't neva give up on your dreams tho it may seem hard Sing ya song, spit ya flow, do ya thang, boy Keep your focus and I promise you'll go real far It's your passion so make it everlasting/All I'm saying is don't give up on your dreams [X2] Verse: Never thought you would get in this position, People sit and listen just because you're gifted Naysayers always thought you were too different and you would neva make it to this level But uh, you keep grinding and you made this ya mission Nobody could deny you was bout ya business And now they all welcomed to come and witness; You never settled and that made you better so umm ....(Singer's Part)... Nall, you can't take it from me, too hard to make it homey Every come up, I'm still out here banking on it Every big up, I'm still gonna thank you for it Leaving ego for small minded people This is your dream, tho, what you got a team fo What you made a scheme fo, what your inkling's fo I got a goal that's instilled in my soul and I'm built for the load so I'm never letting go of my dream -HOOK- Verse: Yeah, it gets discouraging yet to emerge for the world to observe all your hard work All your sweat and your tears; Disrespect from your peers No support from your city, though you've repped it for years So remember there's a season for all, a reward is awaiting for all your resolve They may not recognize now but before long, your dreams will be reality Change their mentality to loving ya, hugging ya, can't get enough of ya Screaming out ya name; Keys from the governor Relating to your pain, like they just now discovered ya All because, you never gave up, now come on ....(Singer's Part).... -HOOK-
Intro Hook: You're my world, my life How you fill me up, with life Verse One: Who would ever thought for this long we'll last As I look into our future, can't forget our past
Ready to Die 03:35
Come Thru 04:10
Hook: How I come thru With some hot ass hits, can't tell me you don't feel my shit, you don't want it tho How I come thru With a high ass pitch, even tho I'm still that chic, fuck with me now/WHAT!! [X2] Verse 1: Squikee, yeah you know it's me Came to rip another track for the SIP Represent where I'm from, leaving haters stunned One flip from the tongue and they dip when I come Lips zip when I'm done, no words to speak Just tryna figure out how I murked that beat I hurt ya peeps, with my flow style Vo-cals should be the protocol for these hopeless broads Lord help em, done worn out their welcome When they try to put a step on the throne that I'm kept on Up there, what nigga, YEAH After this year gonna know who to fear The down south diva makes you a believer Wanna bring beef up know I got the cleaver This just a teaser cause the full version will make certain Fa you hoes it's curtains! -HOOK- Verse 2: Second sample, hoes don't get a chance to try to hang with the champ But Umm, dang, they get dismantled Cause I'm so wicked with it, spit it livid, how I give it, how I live it Can't get with it, Just forget it, I'm the shit and it's So pitiful how the flow makes you feel minuscule In a minute, tho, you gonna wonder what you spitting fo So original, I can't help what I'm dealt if I say so myself I'm so fresh to def And I rep Mississippi, yep, kept Mississippi In my mug cause it's in my blood And no matter where I go, it's still my hood See a Jacktown chic make you back down, BITCH What it is, the queen of the 6-0-1, yo son, and you know I'm dope hun Southern living is all that I'm giving Got it all without a limit what I need with a gimmick -HOOK- Verse 3: If you ain't feeling me, then you ain't hearing me AIn't no one ill as me, look how I kill a beat And yeah I boast, I'm the chic with the most Got your favorite rapper's skills on overdose so Don't let my vocals, fuck up my profile Nigga know now I run ya whole style No doubt, I do what I do and I prove I'm the truth when I move to the booth I'm about my dollars like the first name's Skane My words brang pain, a first string dame Yeah and MS's where it's at Putting the Jack on the map with the raps from my yap-per I keep it dapper, the swag's so thick, in fact I'm so sick, you know I'm the shit Yeah, I'm the one, boo, I got that new new and you can't handle how I come Thru (Echo Out)


released September 24, 2012

Mixtape features YunGun of Black Ghost ENT, Kristen Nicole, Mr. Ahmad Rashad, Bill Breeze, Al - D, Dante' Marsh and Mic Wise of Beatknockin Radio!! Production provided by Blond!e EtCetera, Johnny Mo and the Crazy 88's, Double JP, and Eddie Wright. Cover Art by Diesel Designs. Photography by Ashley Gunther of Further Beyond. Makeup for Shoot provided by Nikki Campbell of Blu Artistry.


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Squikee Nashville, Tennessee

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