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How I come thru
With some hot ass hits, can't tell me you don't feel my shit, you don't want it tho
How I come thru
With a high ass pitch, even tho I'm still that chic, fuck with me now/WHAT!!

Verse 1:

Squikee, yeah you know it's me
Came to rip another track for the SIP
Represent where I'm from, leaving haters stunned
One flip from the tongue and they dip when I come
Lips zip when I'm done, no words to speak
Just tryna figure out how I murked that beat
I hurt ya peeps, with my flow style
Vo-cals should be the protocol for these hopeless broads
Lord help em, done worn out their welcome
When they try to put a step on the throne that I'm kept on
Up there, what nigga, YEAH
After this year gonna know who to fear
The down south diva makes you a believer
Wanna bring beef up know I got the cleaver
This just a teaser cause the full version will make certain
Fa you hoes it's curtains!


Verse 2:

Second sample, hoes don't get a chance to try to hang with the champ
But Umm, dang, they get dismantled
Cause I'm so wicked with it, spit it livid, how I give it, how I live it
Can't get with it, Just forget it, I'm the shit and it's
So pitiful how the flow makes you feel minuscule
In a minute, tho, you gonna wonder what you spitting fo
So original, I can't help what I'm dealt if I say so myself
I'm so fresh to def
And I rep Mississippi, yep, kept Mississippi
In my mug cause it's in my blood
And no matter where I go, it's still my hood
See a Jacktown chic make you back down, BITCH
What it is, the queen of the 6-0-1, yo son, and you know I'm dope hun
Southern living is all that I'm giving
Got it all without a limit what I need with a gimmick


Verse 3:

If you ain't feeling me, then you ain't hearing me
AIn't no one ill as me, look how I kill a beat
And yeah I boast, I'm the chic with the most
Got your favorite rapper's skills on overdose so
Don't let my vocals, fuck up my profile
Nigga know now I run ya whole style
No doubt, I do what I do and I prove I'm the truth when I move to the booth
I'm about my dollars like the first name's Skane
My words brang pain, a first string dame
Yeah and MS's where it's at
Putting the Jack on the map with the raps from my yap-per
I keep it dapper, the swag's so thick, in fact I'm so sick, you know I'm the shit
Yeah, I'm the one, boo, I got that new new and you can't handle how I come Thru

(Echo Out)


from Diesel Volume 1: Don't Let the SQUIKEE Voice Fool Ya, released September 24, 2012
Produced by Double JP; Written by S. Gillespie


all rights reserved



Squikee Nashville, Tennessee

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