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This for my drinkers, uh, and my smokers [x2]

Dro 'n Drank [x2]
I get you on a level that them other niggas can't
Dro 'n Drank [x2]
I get you so right that you be throwing up my name

Verse One:
Ay, as soon as I get on the stage
Have you feeling the same way as when you blowing on that haze
They, be looking doped and so amazed
Cause every word I say is like you puffed another jay
Hey, nall they don't call me Mary Jane
But I be doing the same thang so these niggaz quick to claim
I'm all up in ya brain, no, I'm all up in ya system
Lyrics so potent it's like you smoked them when I spit 'em
Realy, really, I'm illy illy
It's like you rolling when I'm flowing but can't pill me
But I know you feel me and trust I'm going to fill you
Up with the stuff strong enough to come and kill you
But I'm gonna heal you, my verbal so herbal
And when it's in the air, yo it's purple, it's purple
Now, if you ain't feeling right
Let me turn up my mic, I know I get you high, with my

I got a blunt of my flow, come and smoke me (Smoke me)
I got a bottle of my style, you can drink me (Drink me)

Verse Two:
So drink me up, think it up, you can't get up
My liquor's in your liver but you still wanting mo' cups
As soon as I deliver, you're feeling a sicker buzz
And ya guts starting to bub but please no don't throw me up
Lay back let this track interact with your B.A.C.
You can throw me back, it don't matter where you be at
Aye, Sip on my compact disc it's that new cognac
A swig of my music will have these niggas feeling slizzard
See, I know you wanting a feeling better than chronic
So the tracks that I be on proof be on at least 300
Wasn't thinking that a woman could come and be this bumping
But I made it my gumption to destroy all your assumptions
Na, na I'm on my grizzy to quickly make you feel dizzy
Lil chic from Mississippi keep leaving you tipsy pissy
Is you with me, cause I need your confirmation
Getting SQUIKEE wasted from this ear intoxication


from Diesel Volume 1: Don't Let the SQUIKEE Voice Fool Ya, released September 24, 2012
Written by S. Gillespie


all rights reserved



Squikee Nashville, Tennessee

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