Squikee, YunGun - Go, Boi! with YunGun

from Diesel Volume 1: Don't Let the SQUIKEE Voice Fool Ya by Squikee

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Squikee's first verse:
I'm a grown ass woman, Boi
You don't want no problems, boi
I drop some of this knowledge, have you running back to college, boy
Don't play me like a simp, boy
Raising up my temp, boy
I'll Wayne Brady go crazy, don't give me no lip, boy
I'm representing the Sip, boy
You don't know how we get, boy
Still I be in Tennessee, it's where I pay my rent, boy
Got much love for the South, boy
But I move around, boy
CLE to the Cali beach, I'm gonna hold it down, boy
See chics like me is had to find
You know stay on beat, coming hard in rhymes
In these streets cause I'm on my grind
Gotta raise the bar until they left behind, ha
I done lost my mind, that's okay, it just gloss my shine
Frauds get sent to the back of the line
Getting all salty like iodine
I'm kind with mine, you know nice on mics
Flow stay cold like ice on ice
Style so sweet call it Mike and Ike's
I'm tight just like Levi's on whites
Show me respect, boy, I'm coming fa ya neck, boy
Squik Diesel, I'm so lethal, you ain't never gonna get next boy

Squikee's second verse:
I spit that dro, that dope, that coke, l'go
They say I'm cold, I say I know
Every time I spit a flow, I'm shooting out these icicles
Go, go, I got that go boi
Go, go, you want some mo' boy
I keep it sick these sentences diminishes any impotence
Going hard with these bars on these broads and these frauds
I'm making 'em irrelevant
Go, go, that's how it go boy
Go, go, I'm bout to blow boy


from Diesel Volume 1: Don't Let the SQUIKEE Voice Fool Ya, released September 24, 2012
Written by S. Gillespie, C. Kennedy


all rights reserved



Squikee Nashville, Tennessee

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