Jack and Jill: H​.​U​.​N​.​G​.​E​.​R. Reloaded

from Diesel Volume 1: Don't Let the SQUIKEE Voice Fool Ya by Squikee

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First Verse:
Jump on the track just like I, I got the knack of tiger
I came to spit that shit to let you niggas know I'm fire
I mean it gets no higher, I mean it gets no flyer
So tight on the mic, you swear I was walking on some wires
So no you can't deny her, you better feel me
I need another drink, so umm, can you bill me
I'm never getting jack'd so you best try to jill me
And when we're on tracks, you know that we're killing
Yeah, it's all basics, niggas see me spit
And they gotta get a face lift
Had a bad bitch but I'm her replacement
I'm 300 proof so I'm gonna get ya wasted
Ain't gotta like the style I come with
I can make you think or I can come with some dumb shit
Either way it goes, you gonna feel me in ya stomach
So sick I make you shit at the same time you vomit
Come on!

I don't need no hook for this
I just came to get it in
I just spit that shit that's so ridiculous
That when I give it to the public
Muthafuckas love it [x2]

Second Verse:
I'm a bad chic, a savage, rawness is a habit
Muthafuckas don't know how to take me
I'm a maverick, I'm random
Who is hot, I'm the answer
My niggaz is examples and this is the anthem
A Cancer, so sick this chic spits epidemics
Never timid with the lyrics, miss me with ya gimmicks
Pointing fingers, I'm the shit, my smell lingers
H.U.N.G.E.R.'s a monster; ain't no getting between us
The meanest on the track, they be feenin' fa our raps
But if you can't see me, all it means is ya whack
It's a fact that I pack a flow so wicked
Say hello to this dough and goodnight to these bitches


from Diesel Volume 1: Don't Let the SQUIKEE Voice Fool Ya, released September 24, 2012
Written by S. Gillespie


all rights reserved



Squikee Nashville, Tennessee

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