Squikee, Mr. Ahmad Rashad - Play 'em Off with Mr. Ahmad Rashad

from Diesel Volume 1: Don't Let the SQUIKEE Voice Fool Ya by Squikee

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VERSE ONE (Squikee):

Pardon how I start this, listen...ain't bout much dissing
But these kittens, man, they think they gettin it, They must be kidding
When I'm spittin, it be like I'm glistening....I mean I shine
Every rhyme's like a shrine to my intricate design
Hard to find, I know I am...fem fatale
One of a kind, They be like DAMN, I like ya style
And I thank em, my attitude ain't never gonna be stankin'
Even if you see me on the TV with a stack of Franklins
See these foes....yea, they don't know, They think they major
SO when I'm chillin' in the cut I'm doing y'all a favor
Don't wanna show you up....cause you'll be sitting down
Don't think I flow enough but still I wear the crown
Ay now, respect is given when respect is earned
Respect me as a human; I'll respect you in return
You don't know what you doing, seel and you will learn
If ya ego's steady looming, I'mma hit ya with the squirm FIRM

HOOK (Squikee)

Ay, y'all...these dudes ain't seeing us, nall
They think they spittin' that raw
When I hear em, all I do is pause....and play em off [x2]

VERSE THREE (Ahmad and Squikee)

[Ahmad's lyrics]
I'm waiting for a dude to try me, Man, I ain't lying
Man, I might look aight but trust me I get grimey
Can't deny me, can't deny us, ya ain't no rival
We the stars on these bars and you ain't got no title
[Ahmad's lyrics]
Your eyes are full of envy, imagine what your soul's like
Cold, trife, you loathe life; bet you want our roles, right?
Here you go, SIKE, don't need no mo bites
In our styles while we rocking on these show mics
[Ahmad's lyrics]


from Diesel Volume 1: Don't Let the SQUIKEE Voice Fool Ya, released September 24, 2012
Produced by Johnny Mo and the Crazy 88's; Written by S. Gillespie and A. Harden


all rights reserved



Squikee Nashville, Tennessee

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