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How he do, huh? (X3)


Hear that trunk knock, When he bout to bust blocks

Tint black, wheels stacked, cause you know he stunt hard

Got the whole squad when we bout to roll out

F**ked up in the truck, damn man them pipes loud

We some night owls, cruising thru the streets

Ballin like a beast, when you rolling with the Steez

Dressing to the T, snacking on a feast

Nothing but the best when he’s next to his Queen

Squikee, they call me Steezi’s baby

He’s laughing at these lames cause can’t no nigga take me

I’m laughing at these dames cause they thought they could replace me

Nan, nan, na nan nan; nall b!tch you crazy!

I’m Swayze so no, I ain’t worried about no hoes

He’s mine, yes he’s mine, each and every where he goes

He’s fine so you’re trying and it’s just so pitiful

Got them hags on his back but I ain’t mad at him, though


Best believe it, they does call him Steezi4Sheezi

Cause you don’t really know how he do

Best believe it, they does call him Steezi4Sheezi

I’m just trying to tell you bout my boo [X2]


How he do, he the truth

And you can come up in his hood to see the proof

He that cool, Just ask his dudes

Everybody in his crew is some fools

Watch him fly by even when he ride bikes

Ill thrills on one wheel cause he’s gonna defy heights

Living the good life, sipping on the Bud Light

Lime every time cause he’s trying to get his mind right

And he’s my type, he treats me with respect

He can’t get enough but ain’t never about sex

Proclaiming his love so I keeps him on deck

I’m done with you scrubs cause my match I done met

He’s the best so I’m never ever leaving

He’s working these jobs so he’s hardly ever sleeping

And though it’s so hard, he makes it look so easy

Fulfilling to please me, my Steezi4Sheezi



from Diesel Volume 1: Don't Let the SQUIKEE Voice Fool Ya, released September 24, 2012
Written by S. Gillespie


all rights reserved



Squikee Nashville, Tennessee

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